Meeting of the Liverpool F.C. Theatrical Gala

Friday, November 15 ā€“ 1895
A meeting of those interested in the promotion of a theatrical football gala was held at the Alexandra Hotel, Dale-street, yesterday. Alderman Houlding was voted to the chair.

It was unanimously decided to hold a gala on the Anfield-road ground during the present season, in aid of Liverpool charities in proportions to be hereafter defined. Alderman Houlding was elected chairman, and Mr Joseph West, honorary secretary.

Mr George Mahon was pressed to take an official position in connection with the undertaking, but he declined, and took advantage of the opportunity to make a personal explanation.

He considered that the object of such a match was vastly superior to any question of personal sentimentality or club partisanship. He had been connected with the theatrical galas held under the auspices of the Everton Football Club for the past three years, acting most of the times as chairman of the committee.

The position was now altered inasmuch as the Everton directors had decided to abandon these galas for reasons best known to themselves. He greatly regretted that the directors had not, before coming to their final decision, communicated with gentlemen outside to ascertain whether the latter were willing to undertake the work of arranging the gala, even without the assistance of the directors.

He was pleased, however, that these galas were not going to be exterminated, and that so worthy a cause was to be perpetuated. It was immaterial to him from what source that perpetuation emanated, and he should have pleasure in giving every assistance in his power in a matter which was intended for the benefit of Liverpool charities.

These considerations had led him to identify himself with the present movement, and with harmonious and energetic action he saw no reason why the coming gala should not eclipse all its predecessors (Applause).

It was decided to request the Lord Mayor to become the president, and a deputation was appointed to wait upon the lessees of the different Liverpool theaters to seek their co-operation.

The meeting was then adjourned.
(Liverpool Mercury, 16-11-1895)

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