Benefit match for the Wrexham secretary – Arthur Lea

Saturday, November 30 – 1895
On Monday next, a grand match will take place on Wrexham Racecourse between Wrexham and District and Liverpool, for the benefit of the Wrexham secretary, Mr. Arthur Lea.

The following are the teams: –
Liverpool: John Whitehead, goal; Matt McQueen and Billy Dunlop, backs; John McCartney, Joe McQue, and John McLean, half-backs; Malcolm McVean and Jimmy Ross, right wing; Frank Becton and Harry Bradshaw, left wing; George Allan, centre.

Wrexham and District: W. Ball, goal; E. Samuel and J.S. Matthias (Brymbo), backs; J. Rogers, J. Mates (Chirk), and F. Stokes, half-backs; J. Vaughan (Druids) and G.F. Kelly (Rhos), right wing; A. Lockley (Chirk) and J. Haycock (Rhos), left wing; W. Harrison, centre.
(Wrexham Advertiser, 30-11-1895)

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