Wrexham and District v Liverpool

December 7, 1895
On Monday afternoon a match was played on Wrexham Racecourse between Liverpool and a team composed of players from the clubs in the Wrexham district, for the benefit of Arthur Lea, for many years captain of the Wrexham team and now their secretary.

The weather was fine, and there was a large attendance. Allan kicked off for the visitors, and they soon got busy, gaining a free-kick for hands close to the Wrexham goal, but Harrison cleared.

The ball, however, remained in the Wrexham quarters, but Ball cleared grandly. Ross shortly afterwards centred, and F. Becton getting on to the ball scored the first point for Liverpool with a nice shot.

The home team next invaded the Liverpool territory for the first time, but did not remain there long. “Hands” checked the visitors when dangerous, and Wrexham had another look in. The visitors once more dashed down, however, and Keech scored their second goal for them, after some tricky play.

The homesters were next seen to advantage, but McQueen cleared, though “hands” soon afterwards gave the Wrexhamites another chance. From the free-kick, the ball was sent into the Liverpool net, but as no one touched it no scored resulted. Play was now fairly even for a time, but the visitors’ front rank were always dangerous, and from a run down by Ross and Keech, the latter obtained the third goal for Liverpool.

At half-time the score stood – Liverpool, three goals; Wrexham and District none.

On resuming, the visitors had the assistance of the wind, and soon made their presence felt, but they were at last driven away. J. Vaughan did some nice work, and on one occasion the visitors’ goal came near being captured. Wrexham kept a short attack, but play was then transferred, and the home defenders were kept hard at work.

The Wrexham left dashed away, but Haycocks sent over the bar. After the play had hovered near the home goal for some time, Holmes let fly with a long shot, and scored the fourth goal for Liverpool. Wrexham attacked, and gained a penalty kick for hands. Lockley took it, but banged it against McQueen, and the goal was saved.

The visitors were soon at it again, and T. Becton beat Ball with a fine shot. Haycocks made a good attempt, but the Liverpool custodian hit out. The visitors continued to have the best of the exchanges, but did not increase their scored.

Final result: Liverpool, 5 goals; Wrexham and District, 0.

Teams: –
Wrexham & District XI: W. Ball (Wrexham), E. Samuel (Wrexham), J.S. Matthias (Brymbo), J. Rogers (Wrexham), J. Mates (Chirk), F. Stokes (Wrexham), J. Vaughan (Druids), G.F. Kelly (Rhos), W. Harrison (Wrexham), A. Lockley (Chirk), J. Haycock (Rhos).
Liverpool: Matt McQueen, Archie Goldie, Tom Wilkie, John McCartney, John Holmes, John McLean, Jimmy Ross, Bill Keech, George Allan, Tommy Becton, Frank Becton.
(Wrexham Advertiser: December 7, 1895)


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