Liverpool v Loughborough.

December 9, 1895
The return engagement between these clubs took place at Anfield on Saturday, before a small attendance, and in miserable weather. The teams were as follow: –

Liverpool: Matt McQueen, Archie Goldie, Tom Wilkie, John McCartney, Joe McQue, John Holmes, Malcolm McVean, Davie Hannah, George Allan, Frank Becton, Harry Bradshaw.
Loughborough Town: Hugh Monteith, Jack Berry, George Swift, Walter Rose, Harry Middleton, Jock Hamilton, Charles Dickson, David Brown, Jock Smith, Arthur Ward, Walter Ward.

Immediately following the kick-off Ward slipped past McCartney and centred, but Wilkie returned, and Liverpool pressed severely, Hannah and Becton have shies without result. Keeping the visitors almost entirely confined to their own quarters the half-backs, led on by McQue, also endeavoured to lower the enemy’s charge.

As a welcome diversion to the monotony of the continual but ineffective bombardment of Monteith’s citadel, the Loughborough forwards galloped to the other end, Smith (the old Liverpudlian) trying to McQueen with a fast low shot, which the Anfield man cleared cleverly. Half-time arrived without any score, and it appeared as though the second half was going to be a repetition, but after half an hour’s incessant pressure Becton met a poor return from Monteith after Hannah had shot, and scored the only point. Ultimately a poor game ended in a victory for Liverpool by one goal to nil.
(Liverpool Mercury: December 9, 1895)


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