The draw for the F.A. Cup 1895-96

December 16, 1895
At a meeting at the consultative committee of the Football Association took place yesterday afternoon, at headquarters, 61 Chancery Lane, London. The principal business was the draw for the first-round proper of the English Cup, which resulted as follows: –

Small Heath v Bury. Referee: Mr. Aaron Scragg (Crewe); linesmen: Messrs.: Hall (Derby) and Hines (Nottingham);

Liverpool v Millwall Athletic. Referee: Mr. J Adams (Birmingham); linesmen: Messrs.: E. Butterworth (Northwich) and W. McNeil (Crewe).

Derby County v Aston Villa. Referee: Mr. J. Lewis (Blackburn); linesmen: Messrs.: J. Coley (Sheffield) and G. Willing (Sheffield);

Blackpool v Burton Swifts. Referee: Mr. J. Fox (Sheffield); linesmen: Messrs.: Grant (Liverpool) and A. Briggs (Blackburn);

Nottingham Forest v Everton. Referee: Mr. J.C. Tillotson (Birmingham); linesmen: Messrs.: Townsend (Walsall) and Cooknell (Birmingham);

Southampton St. Mary’s v The Wednesday. Referee: Mr. Lieutenant Simpson (London FA); linesmen: Messrs.: W. Pickford (Bournemouth) and A. Davies (Marlow).

Burton Wanderers v Sheffield United. Referee: Mr. J. Cooper (Blackburn); linesmen: Messrs.: West (Lincoln) and H. Dallard (Wolverhampton);

Fairfield or Crewe Alexandra v Bolton Wanderers. Referee: Mr. J. Brodie (Wolverhampton); linesmen: Messrs.: Pennington (Stoke) and Lamont (Liverpool);

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Notts County. Referee: Mr. E.K. Stuart (Watford); linesmen: Messrs.: Hind (Chesterfield) and Lowles (Derby);

Burnley v Woolwich Arsenal. Referee: J.H. Strawson (Lincoln); linesmen: Messrs.: F.T. Norris (Bolton) and Sinclair (Manchester);

Stoke v Tottenham Hotspur. Referee: Mr. Robert Edward Lythgoe (Liverpool); linesmen: Messrs.: L. Ford and A. Green (West Bromwich);

Chesterfield v Newcastle United. Referee: Darley (Blackburn); linesmen: Messrs.: Forrest (Gainsborough) and Wallis (Derby);

Sunderland v Preston North End. Referee: Tomlinson (Sheffield); linesmen: Messrs.: Cooper (Carlisle) and Hardisty (Middlesbrough);

Newton Heath v Kettering. Referee: Mr. F. Bye (Sheffield); linesmen: Messrs.: Alf (Wolverhampton) and Kirkham (Darwen);

Blackburn Rovers v West Bromwich Albion. Referee: Mr. T. Armitt (Leek); linesmen: Messrs.: Hehn (Bolton) and Jackson (Halesowen);

Darwen v Grimsby Town. Referee: Mr. A. Kingscott (Derby); linesmen: Messrs.: Sutcliffe (Burnley and Nicholson (Sheffield).

Ties to be played on Saturday, February 1, 1896. Kick off at 2 30 pm.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury, December 18, 1895)


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