A few lines about Billy Dunlop

December 21, 1895
William P. Dunlop (Billy Dunlop), of Liverpool F.C., although only twenty-one years of age, has seen a good deal of the football world.

Starting his career with Hurlford Club in 1889, he there served five years’ apprenticeship before joining Kilmarnock. He, however, stayed but six months with the latter club, and after a season with Paisley Abercorn migrated to Liverpool during the end of last season.

While at Paisley he had the honour of being selected to play in the inter-league City v. County match, and the hard-fought game, which resulted in a 3 to 2 goal victory for the City, is still fresh in his memory.

He was also a Second Division League representative against last season’s champions – the Edinburgh Hibernians – and has, in his time, taken part in numerous cup finals.

The Liverpool club have found Dunlop a decided acquisition, where at left full back he kicks cleanly, tackles in a confident style, and is always difficult to pass. He is 5ft. 9in, and weighs 11st. 9lb.
(London Football Evening News: December 21, 1895)


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