Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool

December 26, 1895
At Burden Park. Only three of the Wanderers’ first team turned out, but Stewart, the Scotch amateur, and the newly-signed Manchester City man, Willie McReddie, were included in the team, whilst Liverpool played three new men in Harry Storer (goal), late of Woolwich Arsenal; Benjamin Bull, of Loughborough, and an army man named John Lewis.

Playing with the wind the Wanderers peppered away at the visitors’ goal for some time, though Liverpool had a shot a few times. No score had been registered when the interval arrived. Liverpool had now the wind, but still they were some time before they found an inroad to John Sutcliffe, when Jimmy Ross gave him a teaser which he just managed to put over.

The Wanderers’ defenders were shaping well against the pressure of the Liverpudlians, but the home forwards could not get away. Jimmy Cassidy changed places with John Gunn, which improved matters, and Storer had to deal with shots from Alex Paton and Jimmy McGeachan. After even play the home right ran in well, and Stewart had hard lines with a shot which glided past the outside of the post. Just on time Liverpool attacked strongly, but at the sound of the whistle there was still no score.

Result: Wanderers 0, Liverpool 0.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: December 26, 1895)

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