Liverpool v Rotherham Town 10-1 (League match: February 18, 1896)

February 18, 1896
Match: Football League, Second Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30.
Liverpool – Rotherham Town 10-1 (6-0).
Attendance: 1,500.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Harry Storer, Archie Goldie, Tom Wilkie, John McCartney, Joe McQue, John Holmes, Malcolm McVean, James Ross (C), George Allan, Frank Becton, Harry Bradshaw.
Rotherham Town (2-3-5): William Wilkinson, Dave Porteous, W. Broadhead, Billy Longden, John Daughtrey, Fred Widdowson, William Bryant, John Webster, Arthur Cutts, Edwin Wheatcroft, William Mathieson.
The goals: 1-0 McVean (8 min.), 2-0 McVean (9 min,), 3-0 Allan (10 min.), 4-0 Ross (14 min.), 5-0 McVean (18 min.), 6-0 Ross (40 min.), 7-0 Allan (47 min.), 8-0 Allan (50 min.), 8-1 Cutts, 9-1 Becton, 10-1 Ross.

The return engagement between these clubs took place at Anfield yesterday, before 1,500 spectators. The inclement winterly character of the weather no doubt accounted for the small attendance, and to make matters even worse the general tone of the play, by virtue of Liverpool’s immeasurable superiority, scarcely aroused a particle of enthusiasm.

The Anfield team was its greatest strength, but the Rotherham eleven owing to late financial difficulties, was a very weak and motley crowd indeed.

The Liverpool captain having lost the choice of ends, caused Allan to kick off against the wind, but the cleverness of the home side soon showed itself, and they had early possession of the play. Ross tried twice over to lower his opponents’ goal without any result, and the visitors left livened proceedings by a smart sprint down the field, only to be repulsed by Goldie.

After eight minutes’ play McVean opened what was to be a phenomenal period of scoring, for before ten minutes elapsed no fewer than six goals had been chalked up against the Rotherham people, McVean getting three, Allan one, and Ross one.

Another point came from the united efforts of Ross and Allan before half-time, and the home team turned round with the substantial balance of six goals in their favour.

Hardly had the game been restarted when Allan and Ross between them broke down the visitors defence again, while a little later on Allan scored the eight goal with a grand shot along the floor.

Becton, who had been trying hard to record a score, at last succeeded. Prior to this last point being obtained, however, the Townites had slipped one past Storer in a very simple style. Wilkie dealing very leniently with Bryant on the extreme right.

After this the Rotherhamites gave all their attention to a dogged defence, and Wilkinson, whose play hithero had been of a very wishy-washy character, was cheered for several fine clearances, but Ross again beat him, and the final result read – Liverpool, 10 goals; Rotherham Town, 1.
(Liverpool Mercury, 19-02-1896)

Malcolm McVean running with the ball – captain Jimmy Ross behind him.

Liverpool, test match, 1895

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):

Harry Bradshaw, Liverpool (Illustrated Police Budget: November 11, 1899):

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