Meeting in connection with the Liverpool F.C. Theatrical Gala

Wednesday, March 18 – 1896
The final meeting of the general committee of the Annual Theatrical Football Gala Executive met at the Alexandra Hotel, to pass the accounts and apportion the balance available for distribution among the various charitable institutions of the city, Alderman Houlding presiding.

Mr Joseph West, hon. secretary, presented the balance sheet which showed that the gross receipts amounted to the sum of £626, the chief item consisting of money taken at gate, £283; floral sales, £113; sale of tickets £143, and donations¸ £43. Against this the total expenses amounted to £108, leaving a balance of £525.

It was resolved to allocate the balance to the various institutions in the following order: – Stanley Hospital, £250; Northern Hospital, £100 (£20 of which was requested to be given to the horse ambulance carriage); Consumption Hospital, £50; St Paul’s Eye and Ear Infirmary, £50; £50 to the Theatrical Benevolent Institutions, and £25 to Bootle Hospital.

After some discussions, it was decided to hold a smoker at an early date as a final reunion to wind up what has proved the most successful gala yet.
(Liverpool Mercury, 19-03.1896)

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