Liverpool v Crewe Alexandra

March 30, 1896
Owing to the wintry character of the weather at Crewe on Saturday, it was thought at first that the match would not be played, and consequently the crowd was of most meagre proportion. Both sides were representative ones, Liverpool being without Jimmy Ross, and Crewe missing the services of Harry Stafford, who has gone to Newton Heath. A fierce wind blew from goal to goal, and Joe McQue, who acted as captain, having lost the toss, was forced to face the storm.

Early on it was evident that the visitors were much superior in speed and tactics to their rivals, and being in a good vein, had four goals recorded by half-time, George Allan obtaining the first, McQue the second – a splendid effort – Allan following with another, while Malcolm McVean added the fourth.

On resuming Allan soon piloted another past Fred Latham, and in spite of Liverpool having at this stage all the play, only two other goals were chalked up, McVean accounting for the sixth, while Frank Becton with a superb effort put on the seventh, at which results the game concluded, the home team being powerless to score.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: March 30, 1893)

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