Liverpool v The Wednesday

April 9, 1896
Liverpool v The Wednesday.
The return friendly match between these clubs took place at Anfield yesterday, before 1,000 spectators. Both sides played reserve teams, the only representative of the first team being Ferrier of the Sheffielders, and Thomas Cleghorn and Harry Storer of the Anfield club.

The game, as can be easily imagined, was not of a startling nature, and although Liverpool scored a very fair goal early on from a corner, the general play was of the slowest nature. Generally the home team had full possession of the play, but were unable to increase their score, especially during the first half, when a local youth named Tommy Southart showed fair form.

Taken altogether, the play was never above mediocrity, the reserves of both sides playing as negligently as though they had gone through the arduous work of a season. Of the home side John McLean, Billy Dunlop, Davie Hannah, Fred Geary, Thomas Cleghorn and Matt McQueen were best, and the visitors were best represented by Anthony Richards, Tingler, and Bob Ferrier.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: April 9, 1896)


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