Liverpool v Burnley

April 13, 1896
Liverpool v Burnley.
The return fixture of these clubs took place at Turf Moor on Saturday, in cold weather, and before 1,500 spectators. The home team were short of two of their first eleven, whilst the visitors were only represented by Malcolm McVean, Harry Bradshaw and Harry Storer of the recognised first team.

As is usual with friendly matches nowadays, the play was of the tamest description at the outset, and although the Burnley team made all the running, they were unable to score, owing to slack play, bad shooting and generally good defensive tactics of the Liverpool team. After half an hour’s play, Hugh Robertson brought about the downfall of Storer’s charge, and Tom Nicol obtained a second point before half time.

On resuming, Liverpool, now having the wind and hill, at once assumed the aggressive, and in a minute had scored by Davie Hannah. Later on McVean, after some excellent work by John Clarke, John McLean, Bill Keech and Bradshaw, reduced his opponents’ lead once again, the contest at this stage becoming very exciting and interesting. It was not long before Burnley again went to the front, they snatching a goal from a free-kick, but a good shot from Clarke made matters even once more, and a fairly well-contested game ended in a draw of 3 goals each.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: April 13, 1896)

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