Tom Watson appointed secretary of Liverpool F.C.

Monday, July 27 – 1896
We understand that Mr. Tom Watson has been appointed secretary of the Liverpool FC. The Liverpool club are to be commended on their choice, for Mr Watson has been not inaptly spoken of as a walking edition of the history of Association Football in the North of England. He has had some fourteen years’ experience of it, and since May 1889 has been associated with the Sunderland club as secretary. Previous to that period he had filled a similar post in connection with the Newcastle West End and East End clubs, both of whom subsequently joined hands, and are now known as Newcastle United. When Mr Watson joined the Sunderland club it was little known beyond its immediate vicinity, but with that energy, which characterises Tyne-siders, he threw himself heart and soul into his work, reconstructed the team, gained admission to the League, and established a record in the latter organisation that will take a lot of beating. Liverpool’s gain is indeed Sunderland’s loss.
(The Athletic News, 27-07-1896)


  1. Okay, it’s official. I want to stab my eyes out with a fork. I just watched a snippet from The Redmen TV’s Sunderland preview show in which the moderator asked a trivia question: “Who won five [First Division] league titles while managing Sunderland and Liverpool?” The answer elicited bafflement and insouciant shrugs.

    How can Liverpool supporters not know who Tom Watson was and his significance for the club? To use the vernacular, “it does me ‘ead in.”

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