Football League meeting (July 28, 1896)

July 28, 1896
A meeting of the Management Committee was held at the Oberon Hotel, Grimsby, on Tuesday. There were present – Messrs. John James Bentley (president), Ford, Haigh (vice presidents), Bellamy, Dunckley, Parlby, Molyneux, and Harry Lockett (secretary).

It was decided that in the future where clubs and players appeal to the sub-committee on the question of transfer, that they may be mulcted in expenses. Mr. Tom Watson, of Sunderland, attended with reference to the fixtures with Sheffield United, the first one having been altered from September 21st to September 19th, and the second fixed for the date of the third round of the English Cup. It was decided to adhere to the dates fixed, but arrangements as to gate receipts were made. The dates of the West Bromwich Albion and Bolton Wanderers’ match was altered from November 9th to November 2nd.

The following transfers were made: –
Jack Taggart, West Bromwich Albion to Walsall;
Billy Joy, Preston North End to Blackburn Rovers;
Robert Birkett, Liverpool to Blackpool;
Walter Wigmore, Sheffield United to Gainsborough Trinity;
Jack Scott, Sheffield United to Gainsborough Trinity.

The referees and linesmen for September were afterwards appointed.
(Nottinghamshire Guardian: August 1, 1896)

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