Club news

No Chippendale at Anfield

August 1, 1896
The full list of Liverpool’s players who are to uphold he honour of the Anfielders next season is: – Storer and Donnelly, goalkeepers; Goldie, Wilkie, Dunlop, McQueen, backs; McCartney, McQue, Cleghorn, Neill, J McLean, Bill Keech, J Holmes, halves; Ross, Geary, McVean, Allan, Michael, Becton, Bradshaw, Clark, Bull, D Hannah, forwards. The statement that Chippendale of the Rovers is also down for Liverpool is hardly correct. Liverpool wanted him, and “Chip” would like to come this way, but his masters refused to let him go to a League club. – Harry Storer’s name is included in the above. Note, Liverpool South Enders.
(Cricket and Football Field: August 1, 1896)

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