Practice game at Anfield before 15,000 spectators

August 20, 1896
Practice games, preparatory to the serious business of the football season, have once again come into fashion, and the enthusiastic crowd, numbering about 15.000, that lined the enclosure at Anfield Road Thursday evening, demonstrated the eagerness with which the approaching season is awaited.
The ground appeared in capital condition after its long rest, and, as will be seen from the names below, there was every indication of capital sport. The game turned out most satisfactory, but under the existing circumstances individual criticism would be superfluous, though from what was collectively noted the men showed evidence of careful training, and doubtless when the opening stern encounter takes place at Sheffield on the glorious First they will be found fit and ready for their work.
The following players took part in the game: – Whites – Donnelly, goal; McQueen and Dunlop, backs; Bill Keech, Neill, McLean, half-backs; McVean, Ross, Becton, and Bradshaw, forwards. Blues: Storer, goal; Goldie and Wilkie, backs; McCartney, McQue and Cleghorn, half backs; Geary, Clarke, Willie Michael, Hannah, and Bull, forwards.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: August 21, 1896)

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