10s 6d for a season ticket at Anfield 1896/97

Saturday, August 22 – 1896
The committee of the Liverpool FC had a very pleasant meeting last Tuesday evening at headquarters, and among other business absolutely necessary for the approaching season was the alterations in charge for membership.
It was decided to fix the figures at 10s 6d for the uncovered portions, including the paddock; 15s for the covered stand, save the central reserved portion of the new stand, which will be a guinea. It is estimated that the goal stands will accommodate 15,000, and as the sheltered seats will satisfy for fully 5,000, the enclosure, if thoroughly tested – as is hoped – will enable 30,000 persons to see the fights when all space is fully taken up. This should be quite sufficient for ordinary League matches, but I feel confident that when Everton come across the Park, the accommodation spaces will be severely tried. The public who support the club with their nimble tanner are thus fairly provided for, but we may yet see their places more secure in case of those unpleasant meteorological conditions which sometimes affect us in our winter game.
(Cricket and Football Field, 22-08-1896)

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