First match of the German footballers

Tuesday, September 1 – 1896
The German Football Association team, which landed at Queensborough yesterday morning, opened their English tour with a match against the Sheppey United team at Sheerness yesterday evening. The weather was rather unfavourable, and, as a result, only about 1,000 people were present.

As the Sheppey Eleven are a very powerful lot, it was certainly trying the visitors in their opening fixture. They showed fair form, and during their tour they will doubtless learn many a wrinkle from an English Club; but yesterday they were badly beaten by nine goals to love.

Four minutes from the start Arthur Rule notched the first point, and then, before half-time, Jones, Cottrell, and Rule scored, the interval arriving with four goals against the Germans. In the second half Jones scored two goals, and Cottrell, Murray and Edwards one each for Sheppey, who thus won easily by nine goals to love. Schlee in goal, was by far the best of the visitors, and was repeatedly cheered for some brilliant saves.

The names of the Germans are: – S. Schlee (Hockfield, goal); W. Joe (Duisburg) and H. Krussenbaum (Duisburg, backs); A. Hinze (Aachen), R. Backmeister (Bremer Hafen), and H. Young (Erfurt, half-backs); J. Weindenfeld (Duisburg), W. Schlecting (Duisburg, right wing), G. Backmeister (Eisenwach, centre), and L.Hofman (Jossy) and W. Otten (Duisburg, left wing forwards).
(London Evening Standard, 02-09-1896)


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