Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (September 12, 1896)

September 12, 1896
* A certain Liverpool director is strongly of the opinion that the close passing game is almost played out, as it is so much overdone, and more goals will accrue, he thinks, if the swinging moves from wing to wing were indulged in. This could open a wide discussion in the public footballers’ press.
* Liverpool’s new dress of red shirts and white knickers is striking, and a contrast to Everton’s blue shirts and white knickers.
* And so we see that the old Liverpool playerDuncan McLean – has again been busy in trying (?) to show the forwards how to score goals. He practiced the same thing at Anfield more than once and probably the present Bolton Secretary will remember what he had to say about the ruddy man’s proclivities on one particular occasion.
* John McCartney still vexes his own committee by resorting to those tactics which have previously brought the club into bad repute.
(Cricket and Football Field: September 12, 1896)


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