Everton: get your act together!

September 19, 1896
And now ye gentleman of the Everton club, don’t you think that Liverpool’s actions in aiding your club’s old captain is a sure sign that they would be better friends with you? There was the olive branch extended; surely when the salt is passed to you, you will reciprocate the heartiness of the hospitality. The spectators themselves showed no ill-feeling towards the Anfield-players on Monday, and I believe that the majority of your supporters are good sportsmen enough to look on bygones as bygones. Will you take the initiative from them, or will you act by yourselves?? We are friends, you say; but not the friendship that all good men wish. The hand is out, will you grasp it warmly or not? The house is big enough for both of you, keep your own capacious apartments, let the animating spirit be true warmth and feeling and not a careless idle nod, or still worse, the cold icy hand of apparent friendship.
(Cricket and Football Field: September 19, 1896)

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