Football fever in Liverpool

Saturday, September 19 – 1896
The fact that Mr. Tom Watson has accepted the secretaryship of the Liverpool club – at a salary of £300 a year – proves that the Liverpudlians mean to leave no stone unturned to retain their position in the First Division; and that they started the season well by defeating the English Cup holders is synonymous with saying that genial Tom is sanguine of making his new team equal to, if not actually better than, the big local opposition in Anfield Road – Everton, the wealthiest club in the country. The growth of the game in Liverpool is startling, for it is not many years since the dribbling game was introduced into the Mersey port, and now that the two clubs are in the First Division, with such an organiser as Tom Watson at the head of the weaker team, the prospect of the English Cup or the League Championship going to Liverpool was never better. Mr. Watson’s first appointment was with Newcastle East End, but in 1887 he migrated to Sunderland, in whose service he remained until the commencement of the present season, when he accepted the offer of the Liverpool committee. His connection with the Wearside club brought the Northern team into the front rank, and although never fortunate enough to win the English Cup – not having yet reached the final – Watson’s old club has thrice won the League Championship.
(Tamworth Herald, 19-09-1896)

Tom Watson, 1896
Tom Watson 1896

On Saturday, October 27 – 1900, Tamworth Herald had another sketch of Tom Watson on print.
Tom Watson 1900

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