Little about Jimmy Ross

Monday, September 28 – 1896
Here is what a London paper says about Jimmy Ross, of Liverpool: –
He has done inestimable service for Lancashire county; and England owes much to him for his skilful work in the England v. Scotland matches.

Jimmy must surely have a grudge against his native land that the Waverley novelist would severely resent were he alive, for although he Ross, not the Waverley novelist) has played several times for England, he has never lent a hand – or, rather, a foot – to Scotland.

If Sir Walter were to go around nowadays, asking whether there “breathed a man with soul so dead, who never to himself ??? said –“ and all the rest of it, we would be under the painful necessity of referring him to Jimmy Ross. He is the very identical man!

No doubt it will strike the ordinary reader as being a very learned effusion, for it always “says the ‘Athletic News’) sounds clever to refer to historical writers, but in doing so it is just as well to be accurate in the matter of facts.

For instance, Jimmy may have a “grievance” against his “native land,” but he has never opposed Scotland in football, for the simple reason that , being a Scotsman by birth, he could not very well do so, considering birth is the only acknowledged qualification.

If we may be allowed to presume to say so, Ross would only have been too pleased to place his “hands,” or rather, “foot,” at the service of Scotland, and a couple of years ago Scotland would not have been any worse off had she taken advantage of his services.
(Sheffield Evening Telegraph, 28-09-1896)

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