Football League meeting (October 16, 1896)

October 16, 1896
A meeting of the Emergency Committee of the Football League was held last night, in Manchester. Mr John James Bentley in the chair. The following team was selected to represent the English League against the Irish League at Belfast, on November 7: – Reader (West Bromwich Albion), goal; Spencer (Aston Villa) and Williams (West Bromwich Albion), backs; Higgins (Grimsby Town), Higgins (West Bromwich Albion), and Malpas (Wolverhampton Wanderers), half-backs; Bassett (West Bromwich Albion), Bloomer (Derby County), Beats (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Wood (Wolverhampton Wanderers), and Harry Bradshaw (Liverpool).
(Liverpool Mercury: October 17, 1896)