Telegraphic facilities at Anfield

Monday, October 19 – 1896
It is left to Liverpool to lead the in many things in football. The latest thing we hear is the institution of telegraphic facilities at both the Everton and Liverpool grounds, so that the long and tedious delay in sending copy down to the city may be obviated. This is only in accordance with the spirit of the times; for, in present days, evening papers cannot afford to wait till messengers have conveyed the copy a mile or two to the nearest office. There should be some telegraphic facilities at every important athletic ground, and we can but congratulate the Liverpool journalists upon their approaching good luck. By the way, the “London Evening News” is wrong in inferring that at Bramall Lane we have the use of the instruments. The instruments are here, but are allowed to lie unused for eight months out of twelve, a remarkable state of things, which should be put and end to. If it were, it would be good for all parties. (Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 19-10-1896)

Telegraphic equipment of the 1890s


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