It was like “Bedlam” at half-time

Thursday, November 5 – 1896
At the Liverpool Transfer sessions, on Thursday, an application was made by Mr Lewes, on behalf of Thomas Taylor, licensee, for permission to effect alterations on the licensed premises, 185 Walton Breck-road, whereby a staircase would be removed and a window would be opened into a lobby of the house.

Mr Lewes explained that the premises were close to the Liverpool Football Ground, and there was always a great rush of people to the hotel during half time. The passages became blocked with the number of people, and the customers frequently invaded the staircase, which it was proposed to dispense with.

The opening of the window would facilitate the serving of customers, and would be utilised only on Saturdays. Superintendent Tomlinson said there was no objection on behalf of the police. He had visited the house at half time, and it was like “Bedlam.” No doubt the new window would facilitate matters considerably. The application was granted.  (Berrow’s Worcester Journal, 07-11-1896)

Today, 185 Walton Breck Road is The Albert.


  1. Kjell: 185 Walton Breck Road is the address for The Albert. You probably already knew it, but for me to read this article and then associate it with such an iconic pub is really special. Thanks.

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