The motor car takes on the roads

Saturday, November 14 – 1896
The motor car procession to Brighton yesterday may be regarded as an advertising show as much as an experiment. It served both purposes, however, equally well. As an advertising show of the new cars its effect was prodigious, as along the whole route wherever a crowd could assemble it gathered together in immense numbers. No one could have predicted the tremendous excitement in London where neither mud nor rain prevented the populace from lining the streets from the Hotel Metropole, near Trafalgar-square, to far beyond Brixton. From the experimental point of view the promoters of the procession seems to be quite satisfied. Sixty or seventy vehicles of all kinds assembled, and about half seem to have arrived at Brighton, a large number apparently being prevented from starting by the surging rushes of the crowd, and others having come to grief through imperfection in their machinery. A certain and even a large percentage of breakdowns was to be looked for, but in every respect the experiment was thoroughly satisfactory, and it is eminently gratifying. Not two or three types of vehicle, but types of nearly every conceivable vehicle were represented in the procession. The precision and perfect case with which they moved in and out among the congested traffic of Whitehall, Westminster, and Brixton-road, won the admiration of all.
(Liverpool Mercury, 16-11-1896, article written on Sunday, 15-11-1896)

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