Padiham defeated at Liverpool

November 18, 1896
Padiham turned up at Liverpool on Saturday to oppose the Reserve men of that city team, with the following representatives: – Ryan, Lansey, Loffan, Nutter, Atkinson, Heaton, Ramsbotton, Dewhurst, James Varley, William Quinn, Pat Gallagher. There was a very fair attendance to witness the match, which was started by Padiham against the wind.

Dewhurst ran the ball up but shot wide, after which Liverpool gained a corner. Nutter cleared well. Alex Latta soon afterwards made a grand run, but his shot was well stopped by Ryan. Some fine defence was made by Heaton and Laffan, who enabled Ramsbottom to get well off, but he was finely pulled up by Billy Dunlop. Matt McQueen with a huge kick relieved pressure, and Liverpool looked dangerous, Laffan stopping what looked like a certain goal.

At half-time the score was: – Padiham, none; Liverpool, none.

Soon after the restart Liverpool ran down and gained a corner, from which Latta scored a splendid goal. Then Quinn had a clear opening, but muddled it in front of goal. Liverpool afterwards scored two goals in quick session, Lassey missing his kick and Ryan not having the slightest chance of stopping them. Pat and Quinn failed badly in front of goal, these players afterwards being of little good for Padiham. The game ended in favour of Liverpool by three to none.

For the winners Alex Latta, Billy Dunlop, Joe McQue, Matt McQueen played well, and for the losers Ryan, Laffan, Nutter, Atkinson, Heaton all did well. Ryan and Laffan especially being worthy of praise. Varley as centre forward was a failure, and Gallagher and Quinn were outclassed. Mr. Barlow, the referee, gave every satisfaction.

The Padiham men think Liverpool might have offered them a little of their hot coffee. It would certainly have looked more sportsmanlike.
(Source: Burnley Gazette: November 18, 1896)


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