Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (December 5, 1896)

December 5, 1896
* Frank Becton is training with Liverpool once more, and it is quite on the cards that era long he may be found disporting himself in his old position at inside left, a position which he could adorn in any team, if he would only do himself and his employers justice.
* Conversation overheard at Anfield between two of the Liverpool League players: – First player: “Have you heard that Jardine has gone to Wrexham – gone to keep a pub there?” Second player: “Is that so? Wish I would get a good pub.” First player: “One pub would be no good to you. You would want two at least, Mc—–.” Second player (laughing): “Ye’re richt, old man. One for maself and one for ma customers.”
* The wearing of clogs is so universal in some Lancashire towns as to be considered quite the vogue, but in Liverpool the practice does not obtain to any appreciable extent. This will account for the prescience of the proprietors of the shops adjoining the Liverpool football ground, who, when they hear the sound of clogs passing their establishment exclaim, “Hello! There’s Becton going to train,” for Becton is one who adheres to Preston customs despite his removal to fresh fields and pastures new.
(Cricket and Football Field: December 5, 1896)