The Theatrical Gala once again a success

Wednesday, December 9 – 1896
A meeting was held yesterday at the Alexandra Hotel, Dale-street, of the executive-committee of the Annual Theatrical Football Gala, when the audited accounts of last year`s gala were submitted, showing that £525 had been distributed to various local hospitals as a result of that event.

It was unanimously resolved to hold another gala on the ground of the Liverpool Football Club during the pantomime season, and a provisional committee was elected, consisting principally of the active workers during preceding years. A resolution was passed that the Lord Mayor (Alderman T Hughes) be asked to accept the presidency, and Alderman Houlding was unanimously appointed chairman.

Messrs William Houlding and Lewis Peake were elected vice chairman, and Messrs Joseph West and Joseph Roby re-elected honorary secretaries, with Mr George Mahon as treasurer. Other business of a general character having been transacted, the meeting was adjourned to Thursday, the 17th inst., when active preparations for the gala will be vigorously entered into.
(Liverpool Mercury, 10-12-1896)

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