Not everything seems to be ok

Monday, December 21 – 1896
The Liverpool League team, including Jimmy Ross and Thomas CleghornJohn Holmes’  ankle being still in an unsound condition – were sent to Freshfield last Monday for training purposes. Hardly nice weather for that kind of business from home, but I presume those who ought to know, know. It appears as if some five of their representatives cannot be trusted, and hence a strict watch must be kept on them. This cannot speak well for those whom the cap fits, and I fear the future of the Liverpool Club, if such servants continue to be part and parcel of the organization. I hear – but not from those whose business it is to know – that the team had to return on Tuesday morning to meet the Villa, and after the match they make their return journey to where “Grapes” are known only in name, to be in readiness for Burnley the following day and Ye “Trotters” on the opening of ’97.
(Cricket and Football Field, 26-12-1896)

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