Harry Storer on loan to Hibernian

January 20, 1897
The Hibernians are without the services of Patrick McCall, their goalkeeper, who is being treated for injuries at Matlock House, Manchester, and applied to Liverpool for the temporary transfer of Harry Storer. The request was yesterday acceded to, and Storer will play in the Scottish Cup tie with the Rangers at Ibrox, Glasgow.

The Scottish Cup rules provide for little qualification, membership alone enabling a player to be eligible. Liverpool have accordingly assisted the Hibernians out of a difficulty.
(Source: Edinburgh Evenings News: January 21, 1897)


January 20, 1897
The Hibernians have been casting about for a goalkeeper, and have secured the services of Harry Storer, of Liverpool, whose place William Donnelly took some weeks ago on the Derbyshire man falling ill. There is said to be nothing between the Liverpool custodians, which makes out Donnelly to have improved since he left Easter Road, for Storer is well known to be one of the best, of one of the most confident, goalkeepers in England.

When playing for Woolwich in 1895 he was honoured by being selected to keep goal for the English League against the Scottish organisation in their memorable match at Celtic Park, when we expressed the opinion that he only needed a year’s experience with a first League team, which he has since had, to make him a first class man. The Hibernians’ only excuse for adopting these English tactics is the absence of their regular goalkeeper, and we are assured that there is no reason to believe that if the Hibernians pull through any Celtic or other players will be made use of to strengthen the team.
(Source: Edinburgh Evening News: January 22, 1897)


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