North End Reserve v Liverpool Reserve

February 6, 1896
Played at Deepdale, before nearly 3,000 spectators. Both teams pressed in turn, then North End had a couple of corners, after which Jock Hunter just sent over the crossbar, Sandy Brown following with a scorcher, which went just wide.

The visitors were then dangerous for a time, Reggie Lloyd and John Holmes being very effective. The ball was got away and Hunter made a very smart run, beating Billy Dunlop all the way, and centring, Brown just missed scoring. Some excitement next ensued in the home goal, the leather, with great difficulty, being scrimmaged away.

Play was stopped temporarily through Brown being injured. It was nothing serious, and North End again attacked. Liverpool following in turn, Peter McBride fisting out. Both teams were playing in turn. The Liverpudlians were the superiors in combination, but were not as deadly by far in goal as the Prestonians. Harry Storer, under the sticks, had a lively quarter of an hour, the leather flying to him from all directions, as if attracted by magnetic force. The custodian repelled each shot with great alacrity, and half-time arrived as North End gained a corner.

Half-time: North End Reserves 0, Liverpool Reserves 0.

The colours of each team clashing somewhat, the homesters reappeared in red shirts. The visitors immediately broke through the Reds, and McBride had to handle in the first minute. Both goals were visited, then good play on the part of Harry Parker and Jack Pierce saw the homesters swinging in shots which were, however, courageously repelled by the Liverpool backs.

The visitors afterwards came away in a line, and William Otty and young Holmes forwarded express shots to McBride, who coolly sent back. Play was in the home half for a considerable time now, and North End with ten men only were mainly on the defensive. Otty several times tried to get in his dangerous centres, but Parker was always troubling him, and generally came out best.

After the homesters had missed a chance, Liverpool travelled towards McBride, and had their shooting been stronger they probably would have put on a point. At the other end a corner nearly resulted in a goal for the home team. Fouls were now frequent, and neither side could get going. Long shooting was tried, but Storer always managed to clear.

McBride was called upon half a dozen times in quick succession. A goal seemed imminent for the visitors, but Jack Howarth and Sandy Tait kicked with great freedom. The homesters rushed up the field, and Brown, close in, put on the first point, which was the signal for tremendous cheering.

Result: North End Reserves 1, Liverpool Reserves 0.
(Lancashire Evening Post: February 6, 1897)

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


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