International trial matches

Whites v Colours 1-2 (International trial: February 25, 1897)

February 25, 1897
Match: Welsh International trial match, at The Cunnings (Newtown).
Whites v Colours 1-2 (1-0).
Attendance: *Good*.
Referee: Mr. Townsend (Newtown); linesmen: Messrs. T.H. Edwards (Aberystwyth) and Pritchard (Oswestry).
Whites (2-3-5): Leigh Roose (Aberystwyth), Jim Edwards (Oswestry), Charles Parry (Newtown), Maurice Parry (Oswestry), Jack Mates (Chirk), Teddy Davies (Newtown), William Nock (Newtown), Albert Pryce Jones (Newtown), Jimmy Swettenham (Newtown), J. Pierce (Oswestry), Eddie Morgan (Newtown).
Colours (2-3-5): A. Edwards (Newtown), William Jones (Aberystwyth), M. Mills (Knighton), J. Taylor (Wrexham), J.H. Edwards (Aberystwyth), R. Morris (Chirk), Harry Pugh (Wrexham), J.H. Salisbury (Rock Ferry and Rhos), J. Cooper (Knighton), E. James (Chirk), Jack Rea (Aberystwyth).
The goals: 1-0 Swettenham, 1-1 Cooper, 1-2 Cooper.

Charles Parry, Newtown (Leeds Mercury: April 9, 1898):


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