Funeral of Arthur Ernest Leyland

March 4, 1897
The funeral of Mr. Arthur Ernest Leyland, of Cleveland House, Moss Lane, Walton, took place yesterday at Anfield Cemetery.

The deceased, who was only 29 years of age, was in business as a master stevedore and team owner, and was a director of the Everton Football Club.

His death, which occurred at the Northern Hospital, on Sunday, was the result of an accidental injury sustained the previous day at the Prince’s Dock.

There was a large gathering of mourners at the cemetery. The service was conducted by the Rev. Joseph Passfield M.A. The chief mourners were Mr. Frank Leyland (brother), Mr. Mark Wright (uncle), Mr. Rd. Wright and Mr. John Wright (cousins), Mr. William Robinson, Mr. John Robinson, Mr. R. Edwards, Mr. J. Stopford, Mr. J. Milbourne, Mr. R.H. Reynolds, Mr. W. Green, Mr. R. Tickle, Mr. A. Rimmer, Mr. E. Hadley, and Mr. W. Hall.

Amongst the general body of mourners were the following past and present directors of the Everton Football Club: – Dr James Baxter (chairman), Messrs. William Clayton, Benjamin Kelly, J.M. Crawshaw, Edward Askew Bainbridge, William Cuff, John C. Brooks, John Davies, John Prescott, Richard Molyneux (secretary), Abraham Coates, George Mahon, J. Griffiths, R. Wilson, and W. Kelly; representing the Liverpool Football Club were Messrs. John James Ramsay, John McKenna, Benjamin E. Bailey, Lawrence Crosthwaite, and Tom Watson (secretary).

Deceased was a late member of the Wilbraham Lodge (1713) of Freemasons, and the craft was represented by Bros. C. Binks, W.M.; Alfred Cross, P.M.; J. Stopford, P.M.; Dr. Fleetwood, P.M.; B. Hobson, S.W.; F.R. Shierson, J.W.; J.H. Richards, S.D.; T. Dunbar, J.B. Robinson, W.W. Webster, P.M.; P. Bamber, and E.S. Hayes (1713), E. Gough (1756), J. Brown (1609), J.F. Fisher and T.J. Curwen (1182), W. Bushell, P.M. (1756), H. Montague-Smith (785), F. Ansdell, secretary Liverpool Sports Club (2290).

There were also present Messrs. G. Tyrer, G.A. Harradon, A. Carson, E.L. Fleming, T. Knowles jun., T. Moran, T. Knowles, R.C. Yelland (superintendent of the brigade), F.R. Atkinson, F. Thornton, J.A. O’Connor, P.H. Reddington (Larrinaga and Co.), R.B. Burns, J. Wakeham, J. Taylor, J.T. Little (Lucas and Co.), George Godfrey, J. Andrews, A.E. Talbot, W. Harper, J. Cowx J. Read, C.A. Still (secretary, Teamowners’ Association), F.W. Parker, j: Chamley, J. Winstanley, R. Court, P. Nelson, F. Norbury, B. Lipson, E. Revell, R. Baxendale, H. Rice, Jos. Duggan, E. Fowler, A.W. Fisher, W. Roche, J. Swain, S. Riddock, A. Scroggie, F. Scotson, J.H. Llewellyn, J. McDougall, F. Bateman, C. Taylersen, T. Orrell, E. Taylor, T.F. Morgan, T.P. Acton, W.G. Lawson, J.D. Swift, W. Lawson, A. Carralley, H. Cooper, T. Cuff, and R. Edwards.

Messrs. Leyland’s office staff and the players of the Everton Football Club were all represented, and a large number of the workmen employed by the firm of Leyland and Co. followed the hearse, the coffin being borne from the church to the grave by John Lea, G. Howorth, T.B. Wilkinson, and Jas. Woods.

Among the wreaths sent by relatives and friends were the following: From Miss. F. Brooks, the directors and players of the Everton Football Club, directors Liverpool Football Club, directors of Bishop’s Wharf Shipping Company, employees Leyland and Co., North Liverpool Bicycle Club, officers and brethren Wilbraham Lodge, and servants, Cleveland House.

The general arrangements were carried out by Messrs. John Waugh and Sons, Liverpool.
(Liverpool Mercury, 05-03-1897)


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