Irish FA Cup Finals

Cliftonville v Sherwood Foresters 3-1 (Irish FA Cup Final: March 20, 1897)

March 20, 1897
Match: Irish FA Cup, Final, at Grosvenor Park.
Cliftonville ā€“ Sherwood Foresters 3-1 (2-0).
Referee: Mr. Jim Torrans (Irish FA).
Cliftonville (2-3-5): Thomas Scott, William Kennedy Gibson, Thomas Foreman, John Campbell, Polland, Jack Pyper, James Campbell, James Pyper, James Barron, James McCashin, T. Martin.
Sherwood Foresters (2-3-5): Private Lewis, Colour-Sergeant Pyhelt, Private Vernon, Private Locker, Lieutenant Cleland, Sergeant Murphy, Private Thorpe, Private Roberts, Private Badford, Private Potter, Sergeant Hoare.
The goals: 1-0 James Campbell, 2-0 Martin, 3-0 James Campbell, 3-1 Hoare.


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