Reigate Priory v Weybridge 3-2 (Surrey Senior Cup: March 27, 1897)

March 27, 1897
Match: Surrey Senior Cup final, at Guildford Sports Ground.
Reigate Priory – Weybridge 3-2 (1-2).
Attendance: 3,000.
Referee: Mr. B.A. Glanvill; linesmen: Messrs. J. Brown and S. Northcott.
Reigate Priory (2-3-5): R.S. Ibbs, C.F. Houldsworth, C.S. Kirkpatrick, G. Godwin, F.J. Nightingale, H. Dungate, J.P. Goodall, H.S. Goodwin, H.L. Rogers, H. Budgen, H.S. Kirkpatrick.
Weybridge (2-3-5): W. McLachlan, R. Pares, H. Anstead, I. Burnell, J-L Pettitt, H.G. Wedd, A. Wedd, George Huth Cotterill, F.W. Carlton, G.M. Tringham, E.S. Ward.
The goals: 1-0 Goodall, 1-1 Cotterill, 1-2 Cotterill, 2-2 Goodall, 3-2 Goodall.


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