Scotland v Ireland 5-1 (International: March 27, 1897)

March 27, 1897
International: British Championship, at Ibrox Park (Glasgow).
Scotland – Ireland 5-1 (4-0).
Attendance: 15,000.
Referee: Mr. James Cooper (English FA).
Scotland (2-3-5): Matt Dickie (Glasgow Rangers), Duncan McLean (St. Bernard`s), John Drummond (Captain, Glasgow Rangers), Neil Gibson (Glasgow Rangers), William Baird (St. Bernard`s), David Stewart (Queen`s Park), Tommy Low (Queen`s Park), John McPherson (Queen`s Park), Robert McColl (Queen`s Park), Alex King (Celtic), William Lambie (Queen`s Park).
Ireland (2-3-5): James Thompson (Distillery), Jack Ponsonby (Distillery), Sam Torrans (Linfield), Jack Pyper (Cliftonville), Robert Milne (Linfield), George McMaster (Captain, Glentoran), James Campbell (Cliftonville), Olphert Stanfield (Distillery), James Pyper (Cliftonville), John Darling (Linfield), John Peden (Distillery).
The goals: 1-0 McPherson (5 min.), 2-0 Gibson (15 min.), 3-0 McColl (25 min.), 4-0 King (40 min.), 4-1 Pyper (62 min.), 5-1 McPherson (70 min.).

John Drummond, Glasgow Rangers and captain of Scotland XI.

George McMaster, Glentoran and captain of Ireland XI.

Sam Torrans, Linfield (Dundee Evening Telegraph: January 28, 1898).


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