George Allan in the Scotland squad

Saturday, April 3 – 1897
Scotland v. England.
George Allan (Bo’ness and Liverpool) is the surprise selection of the eleven. In 1895 this player took part in the East of Scotland Shield final, and was on the winning side, while a week or two later he formed a member of the Leith Athletic eleven against the Celtic in a match which assisted the Leith club out of the First Division of the League.

When in the Athletic eleven Allan shaped very well, and Liverpool and St. Bernards were after him at the same time, both clubs signing him on. The matter came before the Association, and if we remember rightly, Allan got a short period of suspension imposed. As Liverpool secured Allan a paragraph in the “Athletic News,” in which it was stated that “it is rather interesting to know that less than 12 months ago, Liverpool purchased Allan for £2, and Burnley were very pleased to part with him for that,” seems inexplicable.

Allan has the distinction of being one of the most prolific scorers of the season in the English League, Steve Bloomer alone having scored more goals. It is said, however that the Bo’ness man has owed a lot of success to the coaching of Jimmy Ross, and it remains to be seen what he will do without his tutor.
(Edinburgh Evening News, 03-04-1897)

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