Aston Villa v Everton 3-2 (English FA Cup Final: April 10, 1897)

April 10, 1897
Match: English FA Cup Final, at Crystal Palace (London), kick-off: 16:00.
Aston Villa – Everton 3-2 (3-2).
Attendance: 65,891 (65,024 also reported as official number of spectators).
Referee: Mr. John Lewis (Blackburn); linesmen: Messrs. Jack Howcroft (Redcar) and Aaron Scragg (Crewe).
Aston Villa (2-3-5): Jimmy Whitehouse, Howard Spencer, Jack Reynolds, Albert Evans, James Cowan, Jimmy Crabtree, Charles Athersmith, Jack Devey (C), John James Campbell, Fred Wheldon, John Cowan.
Everton (2-3-5): Bob Menham, Peter Meehan, David Storrier, Dickie Boyle, Johnny Holt, Billy Stewart (C), Jack Taylor, Jack Bell, Abe Hartley, Edgar Chadwick, Alf Milward.
The goals: 1-0 Campbell (15 min.), 1-1 Bell (22 min.), 1-2 Boyle (30 min.), 2-2 Devey (35 min.), 3-2 Crabtree (44 min.).
** There are different opinions about Aston Villa’s second and third goal. Different sources credit both Wheldon and John Cowan with the second goal, while Wheldon and Devey is also mentioned as the scorer of the third goal. My facts is collected from the Sporting Life.

Match sketches from Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News: April 17, 1897.
(1) Bell knocked over, but scores Everton’s first goal.

(2) Athersmith tricky.

(3) Campbell shoots Aston Villa’s first goal.

(4) Devey heads the deciding goal.

Everton F.C.’s FA Cup final team (Sporting Life: April 10, 1897).

Aston Villa F.C.’s FA Cup final team (Sporting Life: April 10, 1897).

Jimmy Crabtree, Aston Villa (Lloyd’s Weekly News: February 3, 1895):

Charles Athersmith, Aston Villa (Lloyd’s Weekly News: November 6, 1892):

Jack Devey, Aston Villa (Lloyd’s Weekly News: March 24, 1895):

Alf Milward, Everton (Lloyd’s Weekly News: January 17, 1892):


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