Liverpool try to sign on English players

May 6, 1897
The committee of the Liverpool Club have up to present engaged the following players for next season. Owing to the competition with Scotch clubs for Scotch players, an effort is being made to get more English players into the team, in which case there be a greater likelihood of retaining their services.

The new men engaged are Robert Marshall and William Walker, of Leith Athletic. These two players have been much sought after by English clubs, and the Liverpool executive are fortunate in securing the services of a complete wing who have played together for two seasons.

With Robert Neill returning to Scotland through family bereavement, Patrick Gray, the centre-half of the Partick Thistle, has been engaged. He is a tall, athletic young fellow, standing 5ft. 11in., and comes with a good reputation. He was expected to sign for Celtic.

The other two players engaged are Daniel Cunliffe, of Oldham County, a Lancashire lad, and his services have been much sought after by other League clubs, but he decided to throw in his lot with the Anfield Road team. The last player engaged was Patrick Finnerhan, of Manchester City. He can play either centre or inside right. He represented the English League against the Irish last season, and was considered the best forward on the field.

It is expected a couple more forwards will be engaged, and as the new players are all steady, well-doing young fellows, the supporters of the club can look forward with confidence to next season.
(Source: Liverpool Courier: May 6, 1897)

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