Nuggets from Cricket and Football Field (June 12, 1897)

June 12, 1897
** Joe Lumsden, the outside left of Burton Wanderers, has been secured by the Anfield Club. Now he is a good capture on the form we have seen him in.
** Before a few days are over the first balance sheet of the Liverpool Football Club will be made public. One thing is certain: they are on the right side bye some hundreds of pounds at least.
** Liverpool’s new grand stand has been so constructed that it may be removed. The cost will be something like £120, but Mr. Rutherford, the builder, can easily bring it back, and thus have ample space for the proposed new cycle track.
** The Liverpool Committee are emulating their local confreres and putting their turf in order. The holes have been filled with new sods from Mr. Orrelll’s land adjoining, and already the grass is showing itself as if it will soon want its hair out.
** Daniel Cunliffe, late of Oldham County, and now of Liverpool F.C, is spoken of as a splendid shot. He scored something like 40 goals last season, and we know a few clubs who would have been very glad of his services. But Mr. Benjamin Bailey and friend were too smart; but in order to affect their object the small hours of May morning dawned.
** John McLean, of Liverpool F.C., has been transferred to Grimsby for a very fair sum. Malcolm McVean goes to Dundee.
(Cricket and Football Field: June 12, 1897)


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