The formation of Wigan Athletic and Cycling Club

July 22, 1897
A preliminary meeting of gentlemen desirous of joining the above club was held at the Ship Hotel, Wigan, last evening.

The Chairman (Mr. W. Timberlake) explained that the grounds of the Wigan Trotting and Athletic Grounds Company, Limited, which were nearing completion, at Springfield, would be placed at the service of the new club, if formed, and pointed out that every possible convenience would be provided, including full facilities in the way of dressing accommodation for the development and training of athletes.

It was decided to form the club, and about 20 members were enrolled. Rules were adopted, the various officers, including a committee of 12, to take charge of an athletic festival to be held on the opening of the new grounds in August were elected, and a decision arrived at to apply to the A.A.A. and N.C.U. for permission to hold the sports under their rules. It was the Five Miles Amateur Cycling Championship Race in connection with the Liverpool N.C.U. which would be held on the 18th August.

The grounds are being laid out at great expense, and will consist of a football ground, surrounded by a pedestrian track of four laps to the mile, and a cement cycling track of 3½ laps to the mile, in addition to a trotting track of two laps to the mile, with the necessary grand stands, club room, dressing and stabling accommodation.
(Lancashire Evening Post: July 23, 1897)


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