Season preview 1897-98: Liverpool F.C. (Lancashire Evening Post)

August 21, 1897
Rarely, if ever, have the prospects of the Anfield Road organisation been brighter than at the present moment. Tom Watson and is disciples have worked like galley slaves in their noble endeavor to place a team in the field that will play havoc with the majority of the League they will be called upon to face during the forthcoming season.

Players of both the tried and untried order have been signed, and of the latter type friend Tom is confident that Marshall, Walker, and Gray, the youngsters from over the Border, will take high honours in League football.

Cunliffe (Oldham County), a native of Liverpool, by the way, is also a player of whom much is expected, and he should more than satisfactorily fill the place rendered vacant by the defection of the great and only George Allan.

Patrick Finnerhan, the old Manchester City man, has been tried and not found wanting, and he is pretty certain to obtain a permanent place in the eleven. Goldie was reported to be certain starter for Celtic this season, and as a matter of fact did play one match for them at the back end of last season, but it appears as if he had rued his bargain, and Tom Watson reports him to be fit and ready to take his place when the glorious 1st dawns.

Robert Neill, George Allan, and Willie Michael have returned to the land of their birth, and the two former will be undoubtedly missed, especially the former, as he was last season without doubt one of the smartest centre halves in the League.

Taken all round, however, this season’s team appears stronger than any that has heretofore represented Liverpool. The list of players signed is: –
Harry Storer and Willie Donnelly, goal; Archie Goldie, Tom Wilkie, Billy Dunlop, and Matt McQueen, backs; John McCartney, Joe McQue, Thomas Cleghorn, John Holmes, Harry Mainman, and Patrick Gray (Partick Thistle), half-backs; Robert Marshall (Leith Athletic), William Walker (Leith Athletic), Patrick Finnerhan (Manchester City), Daniel Cunliffe (Oldham County), Joe Lumsden (Burton Wanderers), Frank Becton, Harry Bradshaw, Andy McCowie, and Fred Geary, forwards.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: August 21, 1897)

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