Season preview 1897/98: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 23, 1897
My remarks concerning the Everton club’s prospects are to a great extent applicable to the Liverpool club. Here they have lost a grand half-back in Robert Neill, and splendid forwards in Jimmy Ross, George Allan, and Malcolm McVean, and their places will probably be filled by Joe McQue, who was displaced last season, Robert Marshall and William Walker, from Leith Athletic, and Daniel Cunliffe, from Oldham Athletic.

The changes at Anfield are few, for only six new men have been engaged. These are Patrick Gray, a half-back from over the Border, the three mentioned above, Patrick Finnerhan, from Manchester City, and Joe Lumsden, from Burton Wanderers, so that beyond a new right wing and centre forward there will not be any new faces in the League team.

Marshall and Walker are considered a good wing, and with a little polishing up Cunliffe should fill the centre forward position with as much success as Allan, and in Finnerhan and Lumsden Mr. Tom Watson has two splendid men in reserve.

Without being an all-round class team the men at command are a useful lot, the defence especially being steady and reliable, as a glance at last season’s results show only two teams having fewer goals scored against them.

With the exception of Neill the same men are available, viz., Harry Storer, goal; Archie Gldie and Tom Wilkie, backs; John McCartney (captain), Joe McQue, and Thomas Cleghorn, half-backs; Robert Marshall, William Walker, Daniel Cunliffe, Frank Becton, and Harry Bradshaw, forwards.

If the new men play up to their reputation the team should equal the performance of last season, when they obtained fifth position in the League table. For the most part they are a young lot with any amount of go, and although they may not give a finished exposition of play, I fancy the forwards will obtain goals, and the defenders offer a stubborn resistance to their opponents doing likewise.

For the reserve team, who are the possessors of the Lancashire Combination Cup, the following will be available, viz., Willie Donnelly, goal; Matt McQueen and Billy Dunlop, backs; John Holmes, Patrick Gray, and Harry Mainman, half-backs; Fred Geary, Andy McCowie (a local centre), Patrick Finnerhan, and Joe Lumsden, forwards.

Like their friends across the Park, local lads have been sought, and another team will be run in the same League as the Everton local team, and it will not be the fault of the Liverpool executive of some of them are not promoted in the near future.

At Anfield the comfort of the six-penny spectators has been considered, and the Anfield-road goal stand covered. Altogether affairs are in a forward state.
(Athletic News: August 23, 1897)

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


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