Season preview 1897-98: Liverpool F.C. (Liverpool Mercury)

August 30, 1897
In anticipation, and rightly so, of a greatly increased attendance, the committee of the Liverpool club have worked a great change on the ground. The stand adjacent Anfield Road has been covered over, and in un-favorable weather it is estimated that there will be covered accommodation for close upon 20.000. Other alterations have been in progress, such as draining the ground, relaying turf, &c., and when the alterations and improvements are completed during the next close season they will have completely varied the aspects of the old Anfield ground.

The prospects of the Liverpool Club are of the brightest character. A retrospective glance at the club’s brief though rather chequered history shows that there has been, even when labouring under the most gloomy conditions, an ardent spirit pervading the club that knew not suppression, and with the majority of the old executive officers in command, it requires but the loyalty of the team to bring about the magnificent successes of the past.

Like the managers over the way, the committee and their indefatigable secretary, Mr Tom Watson, have been up and doing in the close season, with the result that there is a wealth of talent at command. Many good judges who had the opportunity of seeing the players in their training operations and practice games have come to the conclusion with reference to the strength and capabilities of the team likely to represent the club in its League engagements that they cannot help but hold a high position when the end of the tourney comes round.

Harry Storer, who showed such marked cleverness in his earlier performances last season, will be found between the posts, and should occasion require Willie Donnelly will have an opportunity afforded him of displaying his skill as a keeper. Billy Dunlop and Archie Goldie will probably supply the back division of the team, with Tom Wilkie and Matt McQueen in readiness, and John McCartney, who captains the team, Thomas Cleghorn and John Holmes should form a most powerful trio, while Joe McQue who will not be lost sight of, Patrick Gray (Partick Thistle), and Harry Mainman complete the list of halves.

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):

There will be a big change in the attacking force, as only Harry Bradshaw, Fred Geary, and Frank Becton remain of the old hands. Still decadence is a word not likely to be applicable to this department during the season, for, to judge from the display at the practice games, there is every indication of forming a most powerful line of attack. Robert Marshall and William Walker (Leith Athletic) have had two seasons’ experiences together, so that little is left to be desired as far as the right wing is concerned. Daniel Cunliffe has made a reputation in Lancashire League football as a centre forward, and Patrick Finnerhan is likely to turn out a most useful man either at centre or inside right, and will probably occupy the former position when the struggle beings. Joe Lumsden (late of Burton Wanderers), Andy McCowie, William Otty, Reggie Lloyd, Harry Nicholl, and Arthur Kelly are the remaining forwards.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: August 30, 1897)

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