Padiham open well

September 4, 1897
Padiham had a visit in a Combination on Wednesday from Liverpool Reserves. The attendance was good considering the weather. Mr. A.F. Sutcliffe was the referee.

Padiham: Slater, Laffan, General Stevenson, Thompson, Holden, Waters, Admiral Stevenson, Dewhurst, Jackson, Astley, Quinn.
Liverpool: Willie Donnelley, Matt McQueen, Tom Wilkie, Harry Mainman, Patrick Gray, John Edwards, Fred Geary, Andy McCowie, Patrick Finnerhan, Harry Nicholl, Reggie Lloyd.

The home side won the toss and played with the wind and rain at their backs. They had the best of the opening stages keeping Liverpool very much to their own half of the field. Padiham’s combination was excellent, and might have been the result of longer play than the practices have given them. Liverpool only responded with several rushes, which however, might have been dangerous had their shooting been anything near the mark. Slater was not once called on the initial half.

When the game had been in progress about quarter of an hour Holden scored. Liverpool were only able to reply with a rush, and then Quinn was fouled within the limit mark. A penalty was awarded and Quinn scored the second goal. This was the state of the game at half-time.

In the second stage Liverpool had none the best of the play, although they took the advantage of the weather. However, the light was very bad. The visitors, had they shot with any accuracy at all, might have scored once or twice, but as it was they did not get through at all. Padiham failed to augment their score, and the game ended two to none in the home teams favour.

The defence of the winners was very sound, especially in the half-back division, Thompson being particularly noticeable. The forwards did very well, too, and all the men behaved splendidly. But for the Liverpool backs Padiham might have had a bigger score for they defended with good judgment. The exhibition was very satisfactory to Padiham people.
(Source: Burnley Express: September 4, 1897)

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