Fairfield Football Club disbanded

Monday, October 11 – 1897
The Fairfield Football Club executive have decided to disband the club. Like many others, the officials have made a desperate effort to save the club, but in the long run they have found the task hopeless. The club’s ground in Gransmoor Road is in a fairly good district, but people could not, or would not, support the club, and it is simply on these grounds that the shutters have had to be drawn down. No doubt a goodly number of the sportsmen in the Fairfield district have preferred to see the games played at Bank Lane and Hyde Road, instead of rendering their support to the “Reds.” At the termination of last season it was rumoured that the club would die a natural death before the first of September, but several well-known men in the district came to its aid. It was decided to apply at the annual meeting of the League for admission into the Second Division of the League, but the powers that be refused the application. Had they been successful many are of the opinion that the team would have been alive to-day, for the club had offers from several well-known players, whilst the residents could have seen in the district the teams they now journey to witness. The directors on their request being refused, then arranged for the trial of several local youths along with some of last season’s eleven, the wage list being reduced to about £14 a week. However, the “gate” last Saturday only amounted to about £12, and there being no prospect of any further addition to the club’s fund for about a month, the officials threw up the sponge. This step is to be regretted, for the “Reds” were one of the oldest clubs in the district, having existed for over twelve years. In 1892 they were admitted as members of the Lancashire League, and their first season found them much nearer the bottom than the top of the list. However, they improved considerably, and three seasons ago they carried off the League championship, and the following season they were placed second. A spell of ill-luck only prevented them from reaching the top of the tree last season, but they held a good position, Southport Central beating them on the goal average only for third place. The team have many times rendered “good account of themselves,” and their gallant effort in the Manchester Cup last season but one will not be forgotten. They first met and defeated Newton Heath at Clayton, then the next round saw them opposed to Manchester City, and it was only after four games, with an addition of 50 minutes’ extra play, that the “Reds” were defeated. The club have also brought out some capital players, notably Williams, of West Regan, of Sheffield Wednesday, and Clarke and Handford, of Bury. All the debt incurred this season have been settled, and the men paid up to date. Being a limited company a meeting of shareholders will be held, but it is not expected that any opposition will be raised with regard to the action of the officials. (Manchester Evening News, 12-10-1897)

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