Alderman Houlding and the Lord Mayoralty

Monday, October 18 – 1897
A modern “Dick Whittington”
The following letter, addressed to Mr. Councillor William Roberts, was read at the meeting of the Tory caucus on the Lord Mayoralty yesterday: –

Dear Mr. Roberts. – Permit me to thank you, and my many friends in the Council, for their advocacy of my claim to be the Lord Mayor for the ensuing year.

I have, for a quarter of a century, been a party man, and during that period have done all I could to unite the Conservative party as one homogeneous whole, and flatter myself I have had a share in helping to bring our party to the high position it holds at the present time.

After such a length of service, you may be sure that I will not allow a split in the party to take place through me; and although it has been the dream of my life to revive that traditionary history of Dick Whittington in my native city, yet I must ask you to withdraw my name, because without a unanimous vote I could not accept the position.
– Yours faithfully. John Houlding.
(Liverpool Echo, 19-10-1897)

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