Alex Latta in financial difficulties

October 19, 1897
At the Birkenhead Bankruptcy Court, to-day, Mr. Registrar Cave granted a receiving order against the estate of Alex Latta, residing at 15, Bank-road, Hoylake, and carrying on business at the Dale Estate, Hoylake, as a yacht and boat builder. The order was made on the petition of creditors, for whom Mr.F.S.Moore appeared. Mr.E.L.Lloyd represented the debtor. An order of adjudication in bankruptcy was made at the same time. The receiving order was made in consequence of judgment creditors having advertised debtor’s effects at the yacht works for sale. It is understood that the failure has been caused through losses on yacht building contracts. The debtor will be recognised as the well-known footballer, who was formerly a prominent member of the Everton League team.
(Liverpool Echo: October 19, 1897)

Alex Latta, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: October 30, 1892):


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