Football League meeting (November 5, 1897)

November 5, 1897
Yesterday afternoon at Manchester a special meeting of the English Football League was held for the purpose of taking into consideration the recommendation of the Emergency Committee with regard to the mutual recognition of the registration of players by members of the English and Scottish Leagues. The recommendation was in favour of such a recognition, and Mr. John James Bentley, President of the League, who presided over a large attendance, moved that it be adopted. Mr. Haigh, of Sheffield, seconded the motion, which was supported by Mr. John McKenna, of Liverpool, who however, thought  that it did not go quite far enough. He thought that they ought to insist that Scotch players who returned to their own country should not be transferred from one Scotch Club to another without the consent of the English Clubs which they had left. Mr. Molyneux, of Everton, supported this view, and moved as an amendment that the recommendation be not accepted. Mr. Dunkerley, representing Aston Villa, seconded the amendment; and a general discussion upon the suggestion followed. Eventually the resolution was carried by 23 votes to 8, and representatives to an International Board to be formed were elected as follows: – Messrs Bentley, Sutcliffe, Sydney, and Haigh.
(Evening Telegraph: November 6, 1897)